Youtube Star Launches Team Trees to Plant 20 Million Trees

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20 million trees ain’t got nothing on me. That’s what we are assuming MrBeast, a popular Youtuber who grew to fame for his Random Acts of Kindness, felt when he came to find his next project, Team Trees or rather, #TeamTrees, a campaign to plant 20 million trees by January 1st, 2020.

Where #TeamTrees All Began

It all started with one man’s mission to plant 20 million trees (1 tree for every one of his Youtube subscribers) in 1 year in part with the Arbor Day Foundation’s reforestation program. That man is Jimmy Donaldson, better known as MrBeast on Youtube, a Youtuber who shot to fame for his Random Acts of Kindness. As his fame (and subscriber count) skyrocketed, Jimmy wanted to take his RAOK to the next level, and  planting 20 million trees – 1 tree for every subscriber, was his solution.  

Since the launch of Team Trees, over 600 Youtubers, influencers and companies have jumped on board to help Jimmy complete his goal, including Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Youtube CEO Susan Wojcicki, Shopify CEO Tobi Lutke, Wildlife educator Coyote Peterson, and Jeffree Star.

20 Million Trees Absorb 1.6 Million Tonnes of CO2

It takes approximately 20 million trees to absorb 1.6 million tonnes of CO2 in a trees lifetime, the equivalent of not using 1.24 million cars for one year. For most people, these numbers are too large to even fathom, but for Jimmy, planting 20 million trees was a challenge he was willing to accept in an effort to fight deforestation and to help save the earth. And well, there was also no way he could convince 1.24 million people to retire their car for the entire year. So, 20 million trees it was.

$1 Per Tree Plus 20 Million Subscribers Equals 20 Million Trees

It costs approximately $1 to plant one tree, which is a significantly low cost considering. However, that also equates to $20 million dollars to accommodate this mission. So, to help celebrate his success and to get his subscribers involved, Jimmy decided that if every one of his subscribers donated $1, he would have more than enough to plant 20 million trees. And asking for a buck or two from his fan base isn’t asking too much, especially considering the major impact their $1 can have on the world. Turns out, Jimmy was right and people were eager to jump on the Team Trees bandwagon.

A Live Counter to Make it Count

Although 20 million trees planted hasn’t been accomplished as of today, Jimmy’s growing closer to his goal every day. You can watch the live counter below, where you can also see how many CO2 emissions (in tons) are emitted from this past year alone, as well as the amount of deforestation.

The Arbor Day Foundation Will Plant the Saplings

Once January 2020 arrives, the Arbor Day Foundation will begin to plant the saplings from the Team Trees campaign, which will take approximately two full years to plant 20 million trees. The planting will happen across every continent, except for Antarctica, and will include native tree species for both public and private lands. This is a huge challenge but technologies like Seed Planting Drones are being developed and could help with the task at hand.

How To Donate to Team Trees

Jimmy, better known as MrBeast on Youtube, is using his Internet fame for the greater good of this planet and every living thing on it – and you can help. Every dollar counts and you can join the Team Trees effort by donating. If you’d prefer to get your hands dirty, grab some saplings this year and plant some trees on your own. You can also reach out to an organization in your area to get involved with tree-planting projects in the future.

For now, donate to the Team Trees campaign. $1 and you’ll be making history while also combating the deforestation epidemic the world is experiencing.

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