Using Seed Planting Drones to Restore Forests Across the Globe

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Technology has come a long way, improving many aspects of our lives – from the way we order food to the way we cook; from the way we communicate to the way we commute, and many other things in between. However, it isn’t just us humans who get to reap the benefits as Biocarbon engineers have designed new seed planting drones that could very well save our earth by firing 100,000 of seeds into the earth to restore our forests.

We’re Running Out of Forests

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Studies estimate that approximately 18.7 million acres of forests are destroyed each year. To put that into perspective, that’s equal to 27 soccer fields being ripped down every minute. It’s a devastating reality that drastically affects the world and ultimately, everyone who lives on this planet.

The Risks of Destroying Forests

With every tree we rip down, there are significant risks that come with it. The loss of trees has been linked to causing climate change, soil erosion, fewer crops, flooding, desertification, and a large number of problems for all the wildlife that live within the forest.

The World Wildlife Fund estimated that approximately 15% of all greenhouse gas emissions are the direct result of deforestation. And with deforestation happening at alarming rates, we aren’t only destroying out land but we’re destroying the lives of animals, plants, and careers while limiting the resources that keep us alive on this beautiful earth.

Using Seed Planting Drones to Plant 100,000 Seeds

It isn’t all bad news, as there are some fascinating people in this world working endlessly to restore our earth and all the damage that has been done to it thus far, most notably, a group of engineers at Biocarbon Engineering.

Biocarbon Engineering, a startup company, has found incredible ways to use seed planting drones to plant trees and grass in areas of the world that are in desperate need, such as at the abandoned mines in Australia. They began their forest restoration efforts by planting seeds by hand with villagers in many different parts of the world, resulting in more than 6 million new trees.

This is wonderful news but unfortunately, there is so much land that needs to be restored that it would be near impossible for humans to do it all on their own.  To put it into perspective, there are approximately 350,000 hectares of coastal forests that need to be restored – and that’s only to reforest three states. This works out to be more than a billion trees, which would take a long time for humans to do on their own. This is when Biocarbon Engineering used their innovative minds to design a seed planting drone that can quickly and effectively plant thousands of seeds in record time, offering a solution that the world desperately needs.

In the Picture: Susan Graham, CEO of BioCarbon Engineering in the restored patch of mangroves. Photo Credit: BioCarbon Engineering.

The Restoration of Mangrove Trees

With Biocarbon Engineering’s latest creation, approximately 400,000 trees can be planted each day with only two people working with 10 drones. The process begins by flying the seed planting drones over the area to map it out and collect the data needed about the soil condition and topography. This information is then combined with satellite data and further analysed to determine the best locations for the seeds to be planted. Then, the seed-planting drones fly over those areas and fire biodegradable pods that are filled with nutrients and a germinated seed into the ground. One year later, 20-inch tall saplings are sprouting in the areas where they tested their new drones.

With the seed-planting drones firing 100,000 of seedpods into the ground each day, deforestation can be a tragedy of the past and we can begin to quickly and effectively restore our planet one drone at a time. 

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