Ooho, the edible blobs.

The end of water bottles?

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Does this discovery mark the end of plastic water bottles?

This is the question that arises after the revelation of scientists who have created an edible blob that could replace plastic water bottles.
Based in London, the Skipping Rocks Lab team, a group of scientists and business experts, developed spongy spherical blobs which can hold drinking water. You just need to open it by tearing it a little bit, you drink the water and eat the blob after.

The blob, named Ooho, was created from renewable resources and is completely biodegradable. Its use has already been tested and the blob is considered to be safe and healthy.

Less Plastic Waste

Plastic waste management remains a real issue for the environment. The objective of the Skipping Rocks Lab team in this discovery is to reduce or even eliminate “packaging waste” and their production costs (environmental and energy).

Ooho could be particularly useful at major events such as the London Marathon or Glastonbury, where a huge amount of garbage, especially, plastic bottled water, is generated.

Less production cost

The Skipping Rocks Lab team explained that they want to solve the problem of plastic waste and reduce the climate impact of packaging. 

Indeed, Ooho is cheaper than plastic and can encapsulate any beverage, including water, soft drinks, spirits, and even cosmetics. It is perfect for travel (car or plane) or for festivals, marathons or any outdoor event.

Ooho can encapsulate any beverage, including water, soft drinks, spirits, and even cosmetics.


Ooho is an innovative concept. And like any new breakthrough technology, it has a lot to do to convince consumers. One of the challenges that the Skipping Rocks Lab team faces is security: ensuring that these blobs stay squeaky clean before consumption.

However, the creators are convinced that the idea will be a success, even if the big manufacturers of plastic water bottles remain skeptical.

Publisher & editor of The Climate Embassy, Manuel Desrochers is a life long environmental advocate and earth lover. He is the co-founder and Chief Design Officer of The AQUAOVO Experience, launched over 12 years ago as an eco-chic alternative to bottled water.


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