Ikea’s Renewable Energy Investment Motivates Millions

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With Ikea being the largest furniture company in the world, their stylish designs motivate millions to decorate their homes in chic fashion but with Ikea’s renewable energy investment, they’ll be motivating millions to do way more than just that. Ikea invested $2.76 billion dollars in solar and wind energy systems in an effort to become climate positive by 2030 – and that’s only the beginning. Ikea has gone to great lengths to ensure their retail locations are environmentally-friendly, while also offering affordable and attractive solar solutions to their customers.

Ingka Group’s Major Investment in Solar and Wind Energy Sources

Ingka Group, the parent company of Ikea who’s in control of 367 Ikea retail outlets invested more than two billion dollars in solar and wind energy systems within the past decade. They currently hold a part in two solar parks in the United States, 543 wind turbines in 14 different countries, a wind farm in Romania and over a million solar panel units in distribution centers, administrative buildings and stores. And with their latest investment of over two billion dollars in renewable energy, Ikea is a rare and possibly the only global consumer brand to own and operate its own renewable energy infrastructure.

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Ikea Now Generates More Electricity Than The Stores Consume

What does this mean for Ikea and renewable energy, you ask? Ingka Group reports that its green infrastructure has already generated more renewable energy than the stores consume, which drastically reduces the carbon footprint of the world’s largest furniture company. It doesn’t end there either, as Ingka Group plans on making their entire supply chain climate positive by 2030.

Ikea Starts a Movement By Motivating Others to With Affordable Home Solar Energy

In addition to generating renewable energy for its own use, Ikea’s end goal is to motivate their customers to also make use of solar energy by making it affordable and attractive for them to do so. Solar power solutions have not been a plausible option for many people due to the high cost, which Ikea aims to change.  As of today, their home solar system is available to consumers in seven countries (Holland, Belgium, Italy, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Poland and the UK) and they intend on making it available across all of their 30 markets by 2025.  

It hasn’t been all smooth sailing though. Ikea stopped carrying solar panels in UK stores early this year after a Germany watchdog organization accused Ikea’s advertisements of solar panels to be misleading. The advertisements offered Ikea solar panels but the customers were referred to Ikea’s partner, Solarcentury Microgen to make the purchase. However, Ikea is intent on continuing to make green energy accessible and affordable for their customers with their latest sustainability strategy stating that it’s goal is to, “inspire and enable more than 1 billion people to live a better everyday life within the limits of the planet.”

How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Ikea

Although Ikea currently doesn’t have solar panels available for purchase in some countries, they do have many other options that allow consumers to make use of renewable energy to reduce their carbon foot print. This can be as simple as swapping out traditional lightbulbs for LED ones and using solar powered lights and décor options. Continuing to shop at Ikea is also an excellent environmentally-friendly option, due to their renewable energy infrastructure.

Ikea has made major advancements to their infrastructure, investing in solar and wind power that generates more energy than the stores use. As you wait for their affordable and attractive solar panels to come on the market, you can feel good every time you step in between those big glass sliding doors knowing that you’re supporting a company that is adamant about becoming entirely climate positive in the near future.

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